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    Introduction and performance of amino acid surfactants

    Release time:2018/02/12
      Amino acid is the basic portion of the protein in living body,in other word the amino surfactant is derived from natural sources which means it is extremely mild to human skin.
      The product is hypo-allergenic , non-comedogenic and also environmental friendly for the highly biodegradable property and it is very soft ,providing extra mildness to the skin with good foamablity. It can be used in a variety of skin cleansing applications including body care ,facial care,baby and geriatric care.In addition,it can also be used into other area such as pharmaceutical products and dental products.
      Neutral soap granule
      Appearance:white columnar
      The product is made of Sodium cocoyl taurate and some other surfactants and emollient.It is mild and has better foamability.The washing ability of it is better than the body wash, the foamability is better than the normal soap and the PH is close to human skin.This product can be processed into mechanical soap or hand made soap.
      Packing specification:25kg/paper bag

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